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Childhood Obesity Tool Kit

This Tool Kit provides policymakers with resources, data, trends and examples of solutions being implemented or considered by states and legislators across the country that aim to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic. The Childhood Obesity Tool Kit contains:


Adult Obesity Tool Kit

Health care costs continue to rise, and obesity is a factor, causing or complicating many costly, chronic conditions. The Adult Obesity Tool Kit provides policymakers with background, data and trends, and a variety of policy approaches being implemented or considered by states and legislatures across the country. The Tool Kit contains:


Trends Summit on Obesity

On July 20-22, 2005, CSG held a Trends Summit on Obesity in Chicago which brought together more than 50 state legislators representing 32 states to explore policy approaches to combating obesity at the state level.  Speakers included Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Dr. Janet Collins from the CDC, Dr. James Marks from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, other public health experts and state leaders.

  • Click here for photos from the summit (.ppt). 
  • Click here for a final report from the summit (.pdf).

Available slide presentations from the summit:

  • Click here for Dr. Janet Collins' slide presentation entitled, "The Obesity Epidemic: What the Trends Mean for States."
  • Click here for Dr. James Marks' slide presentation entitled, "Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity: Policy Options."
  • Click here for South Dakota state Rep. Jean Hunoff's slide presentation entitled, "Partnerning for a Healthy South Dakota."
  • Click here for South Carolina state Rep. Ben Hagood's slide presentation, entitled "How Community Design Can Promote Physical Activity."
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